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Using several systems in which the main one is the BaZi, an ancient Chinese system that translates the individual DNA and which addresses the innate potential in each person.

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The BAZI system is based on the movement of the solar system and is considered the most authentic in the interpretation of destiny. It is based on 12 stages of the life cycle and its interrelationship with the constructive and destructive cycles of the 5 elements. For thousands of years people from countries such as China, Japan or Korea have been using BAZI to plan their lives and the future. Understanding the cycles of luck (and chance) can be decisive to take decisions and enhancing its results.

BaZi Effect

Everything we offer is intended to help you build the life and career you have always dreamed of.

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An uninformed decision can cause considerable losses in a game, irreparable damage to a relationship or result in lost opportunities in a business. An informed action generated by our system, based on the BaZi can preserve or generate more wealth and improve access to personal fulfillment and happiness

Since it is not possible to stop time or suspend the unfolding of events that life brings us, having this kind of information can be vital to avoid precipitation or risk putting the dice rolling when the odds are against it! Check out the Pack that best suits your needs.


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Our intention is to provide information that can change lives and enhance results, we hope to contribute positively to your success.


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This service involves detailed information for all areas of your life, coaching by an accredited coach, neurolinguistic programming tools, and much, much more.

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